Why writing a blog that probably no one is going to read?

Well, first because I hope it will help myself to organize my thoughts, personal or professional. During the last months I found plenty of interesting articles through hackernews or twitter. Sometimes they were professional and showed a interesting insight in new technologies, but more interesting, there were plenty of quite personal blog posts from developers/startup guys all over the world that brought you insides about how they actually felt working in the industry. Especially the ones where the writers had a lot of doubt about the course of action they took in their life were the most interesting to me. I am at a point where I also really liked to start (if only on the side of a regular job) some project with a friend. For months/years we are already talking about ideas. Not having the perfect one yet we try to come up with as many as possible. I strongly believe that with the motivation and skills we have we could really get somewhere, just for the moment everything is still rather chaotic. Working some hours here and there, we still need more guidance to focus all our spinning energy to the one thing. It is also for this that I hope the blog will be able to bring some kind of structure to all this different ideas/technologies/thoughts.

Writing about your thoughts or anything else is not a easy thing to do, I’m quite aware about my lack of skill here. I see it as a chance to be able to just start and learn by doing it. Communicating your ideas is probably one of the most important things in our work life so blogging could be a great opportunity to practice this craft. Especially at the beginning I will not promote this blog at all, so probably there are only some closer friends that I forced on this page that will read it.

Anyways, whoever reads this blog, I hope you can use something as you pass by and wish me luck.

Cheers to everybody


PS: first objective, organize my productivity in a better way, as you see on this photo, half an hour in the laverie (washing saloon, writing this post) can be more productive then all the hanging around on a computer the rest of the day ;-)