ATTENTION: This post is about the old webversion of poocount and has nothing to do with the android app poocount.

First, why would anyone want to keep track of his bowel movement? Unfortunately an increasing number of people has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn/Colitis ulcerosa). There are lots of indicators of the severity of the illness. From time to time I ask myself if I am better now than, say 3 months ago. Usually my brain blocks here because it’s rather hard to remember state of being some months ago. Thoughts about the past happen to change quite a lot once they got stored in our memory so they are not even reliable. It’s really simple to count the poos you did per day, then write them down, and compare them at a later time when needed. So why not just do that in an webapp.

Now you have a nice way of lookin at your past accomplishments and have at least a little idea of how your bowel movements change in time.

At one point I’ll probably release the code so people can put it on their own servers. It’s an nodejs server with storage in an mongo db. If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to ask.