• Public release of Poocount 0.1 on the playstore

    This is it. Earlier than assumed I finally pushed my little weekend project into the wild.

    We have a little info website and the app on the playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tobik.poocount

    In case you don’t know what the app is about. It should help you keep track of your bowel movements for medical purposes. I always wonder if I should stay serious, mentioning the medical value it has but I can understand if people say: “Whaaat? count your poo?” :-)

  • Blendwebmix Lyon - Notes

    Some tiny notes and thoughts about the talks I attended to on a webconference in Lyon.

  • Badges for codeschool.com

    For some time now I’m enjoying online learning tools like Code School to practice my web skills. It’s a good way to stay fluid with a lot of basic concepts that might get lost if we don’t use them all the time at work projects.

    On my Badges page I use a slightly adapted version of the report card library from Riley Hilliard

  • Poocount beta v0.1

    ATTENTION: This post is about the old webversion of poocount and has nothing to do with the android app poocount.

    First, why would anyone want to keep track of his bowel movement? Unfortunately an increasing number of people has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn/Colitis ulcerosa). There are lots of indicators of the severity of the illness. From time to time I ask myself if I am better now than, say 3 months ago. Usually my brain blocks here because it’s rather hard to remember state of being some months ago. Thoughts about the past happen to change quite a lot once they got stored in our memory so they are not even reliable.

  • Cold Trails - First HTML5 game with impactjs

    Last month I bought the HTML5 Engine ImpactJS. It was amazing to see how fast one could develop a small game and without further a due I hereby present you Cold Trails : Click to play

    (unfortunately runs way better in chrome)

  • Hello world or hello void?

    Why writing a blog that probably no one is going to read?

    Well, first because I hope it will help myself to organize my thoughts, personal or professional. During the last months I found plenty of interesting articles through hackernews or twitter. Sometimes they were professional and showed a interesting insight in new technologies, but more interesting, there were plenty of quite personal blog posts from developers/startup guys all over the world that brought you insides about how they actually felt working in the industry. Especially the ones where the writers had a lot of doubt about the course of action they took in their life were the most interesting to me.